Mr Creak

Mr Creak is a short film directed by Liam Banks and shot by myself in 2015. The film was originally intended to be a part of a series of twelve short horror films entitled One Minute Nightmares. However when shooting we realised although a one minute version was possible we could also extend it to a full four minute short film.

The Film was then entered into the BBC 3 film competition The Fear. Out of hundreds of entries, the film was shortlisted and screened in the series, finally finishing in 5th place. The film went on to screen at festivals in the UK and the USA and has since been released online.

Since it’s online release it has been featured in articles on Buzzfeed, IGN and Disclose.TV among others and as of September 2017 it has over 250,000 views.

Liam and I have been working on a feature length version Mr Creak that expands on the original short. We are currently on the fifth draft of the script and are in the process of seeking funding/investment.