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Sandman 2016

22nd September 2016 Filmmaking My Work 0

Since I started working on horror films at university, I’ve had the goal of getting a film screened at the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham. The Superfreak Media team and I tried last year with Mr Creak and we were accepted but because of the film being featured on The Fear TV Show we unfortunately had to pull out of the screening. This was a real shame as watching your own work and seeing how a live audience reacts to it is one of the best parts of the job.

The Mayhem Film Festival’s short film section is always full of some of the best shorts from around the world and is always extremely well attended so you can see why this year, we made another film with the sole aim of getting it to screen at Mayhem. That film is Sandman and, happy days, it will receive it’s world premiere at the Mayhem Film Festival on the 15th October!


The film stars Esmee Matthews (above) and a good friend of mine Matthew Barker as the titular Sandman. From a cinematography standpoint it was fun to work on as we could really go to town on the way different sequences looked. Without wanting to give too much away the presence of the Sandman changes the look of the film completely as the bedroom location switches from a safe haven to a place of horror.

Also, I need to mention the score by Edward Harvey. Films like this can be made or broken by the music and Ed has done an awesome job in bringing the visuals to life, you can check out his work here:

The film will be released online for one week only on the 31st October before it is submitted to festivals around the World.

For more information on the Mayhem Film Festival visit

Or you can book tickets to the short film showcase separately here:

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