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21st July 2016 Filmmaking My Work 0

It’s been a while since I last posted on here so it’s about time that I add a little update.

The Mr Creak feature is still in the works. The script is really starting to develop now and has benefited from tweaks and changes. We are currently working on the ending as we thought the first draft didn’t have a satisfying enough pay-off. But it’s well on its way. Once we have a draft we are happy with, it’s table read time, followed by some vlogs on the pre-production process.

Last weekend we entered the 15 Second Horror Challenge with the film ‘Nailed It’. I appeared in this one alongside Tonia Toseland so it was over to Liam to operate the camera. Bizarrely the make-up took longer than the shoot itself, but was all good fun!

I also shot a promo with Superfreak Media for the Tabs Productions new play, Mindgame by Anthony Horowitz.  it was a lot of fun to shoot, we went for an American Horror Story vibe and I hope this comes across well. Also, copious amounts of fog and beams of light are a cinematographers dream, well they are for this one anyway.  You can see the promo below.

What else I hear you cry, ‘Wreckage’, that’s what. Our entry into this years Five Lamps 24 Hour Film Challenge at the Quad was very successful, we came 3rd! It’s always a massive challenge and a lot of fun to shoot and edit an entire short film in under 24 hours. But once again the cast (over 20 zombie extras!!!) and crew all pulled together to make it possible. Congrats to everyone that entered too, and of course to the winners Monostereo Films. You can check out Wreckage below.

That’s it for now, expect a new post soon with an update on the next project ‘Sandman’ which is being shot this weekend.



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