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Mr Creak Feature Film

5th March 2016 Filmmaking My Work 0

If all goes to plan 2016 should be a very exciting year. Liam Banks and I are in the process of writing our first feature film, Mr Creak. It is based on the short horror of the same name that we released last year and which competed in the BBC TV series The Fear. Unfortunately we didn’t win the top prize of funding for another short (although we did come rather close), however it got us thinking that the premise and title character could work for a feature length version.

I don’t want to give too much away at this point but I think it is safe to say that it wont simply be a re-tread of the short film although that will form a critical part. The film has morphed into a horror tale with mystery elements and of course the titular creature. Liam and I have just completed the first draft of the script. For any budding writers out there I would recommend writing an outline first. Having that to work from has really sped up the process, has allowed us to keep the ending in sight and, fingers crossed not meander and deviate from the story too much. I’m sure we will find an abundance of things to change in later drafts but for now I am very pleased with our progress.

So what’s next? Once we have a draft of the script completed that we are happy with we will sit down with some actors for a table-read. From there we can take on suggestions and tweak dialogue that sounds unnatural or forced, table-reads really are invaluable for this. Then it’s the business of casting and locking down locations and budget. We anticipate that to do this project justice we will have to spend a significantly larger amount of money than we normally would on a short but that’s for another time and another blog.  We have a number of avenues to go down in regards to funding and we really want to make sure money (or the lack of) isn’t going to hold us back from what we want to create.

I’ll pop back on here with an update when we have completed the first draft and progress has been made behind the scenes.  Until then take a look at the Facebook page for the film and follow us on Twitter.


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