Jonno Butler

Adobe Creative Cloud – Renewal Time

3rd November 2015 Gear 0

The dreaded email from Adobe CC pinged into my inbox last week. It was renewal time, suffice to say that it wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I’d had a pretty good thing going up until then. The renewal that they quoted me was nearly double my old (admittedly introductory) rate. I wasn’t too pleased with this, especially as the prices for new customers were significantly cheaper.

So, on to Adobe it was. A quick chat and some advice from a customer service rep later and I’ve cancelled my subscription allowing me to sign up again for the new, lower rate. I for one was very pleased with this outcome and I genuinely love Adobe’s products but I can’t help but wonder how many people just pay the renewal price quoted in the email. Why not just offer us this price anyway if their advice is to cancel and subscribe again to get said price. I just wish companies would value their existing customers instead of making them jump through hoops to get the best deals.

Anyway, I can still edit so I’m happy. Plus I can afford some new lights too thanks to a quick online chat. My advice: Always get in touch, you have nothing to lose!


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